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More Hawkie awards summary

Another instalment of the Hawkie awards round-up gives tribute to the Bunny of the year aka Kelly.

Pair of feet off the trampoline

Also one of the most highly contested awards was for slacker of the year. Competition was tough, but some peeps actually worked to hard to appear the biggest slacker, but in the end those that took things in their stride came through and this year the award goes to Sonic

Sonic resting

Another award that almost ended up being a group effort due to the amount of so called helpers was the award for Best Chef. Although the BBQ was the focal point of the meet, the award was rightly deserved by Becky who fed us for the remainder of the week that most of us stayed for.

5 thoughts to “More Hawkie awards summary”

  1. IS anyone still around checking here? I’ve checked the website on a regular basis for the last decade and not been able to post anywhere =D

    1. Hi Stealth,

      The website sorta died after one of the major PHP upgrades and the old code stopped working. I have just started to re-build and move the content over, but have not flagged to anyone else yet, but hopefully will get some time over the holidays to migrate more content and will then ping those I am still in contact with know its live again.


  2. This is brilliant 🙂 I’ve always always checked the website to see if anything was changing here and had big smile on face when I seen some sort of update here 🙂
    When MSN messenger died out I pretty much lost all contact with 90% of people i knew on BHD. Would be great to speak with some old =THE= guys at some point. I still game to this day but no longer in the DF series, i’m now a CoD Warzone guy and a board member of a 2500+ strong community =D
    Really good to hear from you again though AO

  3. Ola amigos,

    Have not been on here in the last 6 years i dont think.
    We have a whatsapp group with a select few. Not a very active one, but still able to speak to a few.

    AO has been over to Holland on several occasions and we meet up when that happens.
    Always nice thinking of our active days. We had some good times.


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