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That time has come

to announce that -THE- has withdrawn from the battlefield. Joint Operations was one campaign too far and took a heavy toll on all the players. As such we have decided to rest our weary bodies and await the next NL game.

Many have left the battlefield already and are plying their trade in the lands of Azeroth in the World of Warcraft,

And a few brave and hardy souls have joined the little known Dutch Foreign Legion outfit aka The Dutch Alliance ( formerly )  to continue the fighting in Indonesia and in the International Conflict that is brewing.

In short, THE will no longer be playing matches, but the spirit of THE will live on ready to recommence battle when the call comes.

BBQ Scene

More Hawkie awards summary

Another instalment of the Hawkie awards round-up gives tribute to the Bunny of the year aka Kelly.

Pair of feet off the trampoline

Also one of the most highly contested awards was for slacker of the year. Competition was tough, but some peeps actually worked to hard to appear the biggest slacker, but in the end those that took things in their stride came through and this year the award goes to Sonic

Sonic resting

Another award that almost ended up being a group effort due to the amount of so called helpers was the award for Best Chef. Although the BBQ was the focal point of the meet, the award was rightly deserved by Becky who fed us for the remainder of the week that most of us stayed for.

Good News and Bad News

On the day that it was announced London will host the 2012 Olympics, a few failed Armchair Athletes mistake the year and arrive somewhat early. The Good news is that we have survived the 1st Viking invasion of 1610, but will need to prepare our defences for Jutes, Saxons and Viking Wannabees scheduled for tomorrow. Druid and AO will be waiting at Bristol Airport, Stingers tucked under their arms, ready to welcome the next set of guests to this years Squad Meet