10+ years on

There has been awful lot has happened since the original hawks packed up their kit and settled down into domestic life, swapping Medic Packs for nappies, Rifles for 7-seaters and MRE rations for home cooked meals and Sunday lunches.

However the spirit of the Hawkies live on, and many of us have kept in touch and the odd visit, so seems fitting to resurrect the old website and reminist about good times and maybe arrange new fun times after a truly horrid 2020 for many people and a uncertain future for 2021 for others.

Enjoy a trip back down memory lane and see what made the gaming headlines in the early 2000’s. The Meets, in Holland (2002, 2004, Sweden 2003, and the U.K, 2005. The TimeZone Warriors (TZW) Tunnel Tourney in 2002 and epic battles in DF2, DFLW, BHD, and Joint Operations. I’ll upload a bit more history each month as I manage to convert the “BabStats” and ClanBase libraries into a more modern format.

8 thoughts to “10+ years on”

  1. Hi there, was just thinking of delta force 2 the other day and managed to find the link here…been a long time. Hope everyone is good .

    1. Hey AO..
      Still play a few games, when i get the time
      Just bought a new pc. Hadnt had one for about 10 years , went on df2 and i was awful lol…but the graphics were alot worse than i remember.

      You doing good?

  2. There’s actually a new game out which is based on the delta force series


    It’s actually made by players from delta force, a few maps are based on the BHD stock maps aswell! It’s basically for those who enjoyed the FPS games of the late 90’s early 00’s and alot of player from the DF series have returned for it =) Even have an active discord community with devs who actually listen and engage with the community 😉

  3. Happy to see the website up. 😀 Former member (and former creator here), as I recall it was me and R@yden setting up the squad back in 2000-something. I had idea for the name, cause I was trying to cram something under =THE= tag, because the tag looked cool. R wanted to bring Scylla and Perfx on shortly. Either one of those were responsible for most of the website art design, logos etc. but can’t remember which. The squad was minor back then and only participated in DF2 (for quite some time) before expanding. At times of expanding to other games, I wasn’t there anymore. I drifted into *DEA for DF2 and played there something like 180 recorded matches for the game (probably some scrims and stuff uncredited on top of that) up to 2006 or something like that. DF2 really did run quite active until that year, can you believe it? Long active period for a shooter which already had several sequels out. Some people went to Land Warrior, but others like me wandered back to DF2. DF2 remains my fave online shooter, I still rarely play it now that I have it reinstalled, but there’s rarely players. Fun memories, from =THE= too. That was early DF2 days. 🙂

    Dropping to say hey.

  4. Nice to see you drop by Stealth and IceHawk…. (CSS was never my think and trying to fix the last Theme update made a lot of things white on white and unable to read). Hopefully fixed now.

    Tried to look at Tip of the Spear, but Steam also appears to be having issues right now.

    Will try and get some of the battle stats up at some point, but fear BabStats will be broken beyond all recognition to try and get integrated with modern PHP.


  5. Was doing some digging to find my enlisted date (i see you put me onto the roster which i appreciate!)


    I see i was mentioned of playing 5 league matches around April 2004 , im pretty sure i joined in March 2004 =D
    And Welsh not UK =D

    Had alot of fun going through the wayback machine! Wish i could find the result from my time as match commander, pretty sure we went a period of losing 4/5 times in like 60 matches =D

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