Missing In Action

EminemUSA FlagOne of our greatest heros. He joined us in March 2000. We’ll miss his sniping and protection in close combat. Missing in action since October 10th, 2000.
Ice)-(awkflag of FinlandThe Founder of =THE=. He showed us what a single soldier equipped only with a knife could do. Missing in action since June 2000.
PerfxFlag of GermanyHarking back from our DF2 campaigns, last seen heading over the mountains into Switzerland. Intel reports he is still alive but no longer a player in the big game. The guy who put master into Webmaster.
RigorSwedish FlagMissing in action since June 2001
MaximusUnion Flag of Great BritainJoined in 2001 as DF2 player and contributed greatly to the squad during the DF2 and LW campaigns.
VampyrUnion Flag of Great BritainMissing in action since June 2001
The TFlag of the NetherlandsVeteran of the DF2 era, XO of the DF squad at the time, not so much missing, but disconnected!!
ShadowFlag of the NetherlandsMissing in from active service since June 2003
Went missing through out the Somalian conflicts, but scattered reports he is alive and well in the jungles of Indonesia
AceBelgian Flag
AnimalFlag of the NetherlandsA larger than life character, AL brought presence to the battlefield. Not so much Missing in action, but medically retired in June 2003
ShinnyFlag of the NetherlandsOur first squad mascot, the Hellhound from Holland accompained his master Animal into battle valiantly, a sad lost from the squad. Missing in action since June 2003

In Memory of Comrades lost

Discharged Members

Former players of =THE=

999, Arrow, Barbaar, Big Hurri, Bio, Blackadder, Blade, Cat, Chaos5k, Convict, Cronikle, Daywalker, Denson, Diablero, Fluke5H HammerHead, Incoming, Jazzcat, Leatherman, Lucky Luke, Mantis, NasaExpert, Nightmare, Nightwolf, Predator, Protector, Puraaj, Recon, Repel, Scoob, Scylla, Shad, Sir Henry, Slash, Spike, Stealth, Suffer, TigerJet, Twist, Witchblade, Yankee, Yogi, and Youpay.