10+ years on

There has been awful lot has happened since the original hawks packed up their kit and settled down into domestic life, swapping Medic Packs for nappies, Rifles for 7-seaters and MRE rations for home cooked meals and Sunday lunches.

However the spirit of the Hawkies live on, and many of us have kept in touch and the odd visit, so seems fitting to resurrect the old website and reminist about good times and maybe arrange new fun times after a truly horrid 2020 for many people and a uncertain future for 2021 for others.

Enjoy a trip back down memory lane and see what made the gaming headlines in the early 2000’s. The Meets, in Holland (2002, 2004, Sweden 2003, and the U.K, 2005. The TimeZone Warriors (TZW) Tunnel Tourney in 2002 and epic battles in DF2, DFLW, BHD, and Joint Operations. I’ll upload a bit more history each month as I manage to convert the “BabStats” and ClanBase libraries into a more modern format.