Code of Conduct

As =THE= we are expected to act for the purpose of the following provisions. But they are not to patronise any of us – they represent our spirit.

1. Represent the squad. 

You will find us online nearly every day, playing, training, showing our skills, helping those that need our help and having fun. As we mostly play in public games there are some basics to be obeyed to represent the squad:

a) Play regularly

We are an active squad. If one of us is going to be offline for some time he informs the squad. Recruits need to show they are willing and be visible so we can see what they bring to the squad.

b) Respect

Respect is a basic of military thinking. So we respect one another and all others we meet online. This means not to participate in flaming or such things. It also means that we help players new or old that want advice.

c) Don’t cheat

We all are good players so we have no need to cheat. We win without cheating of any kind. IE You don’t download/upload and play at the same time
You do not knowingly use glitches, nor use any form of trainer or modded files. Although not mandatory, you should consider installing Argus and Punkbuster to limit accusations.

d) Obey the orders We obey all orders given by the CO or our XO/MO’s. This means to follow the games rules as well as not to give up the function/position
assigned to us. Other Squad members rely on us.

2. There’s only one squad

No-one should play in more than one squad for one game i.e. You should not be playing BHD under the =THE= tag and also be playing for the XXX squad. Unless prior ermission has been obtained from the CO.

We take a dim view of recruits that suddenly leave to join other squads during their probationary period.  

3. Don’t do other peoples work

We don’t recruit members, declare war on other squads or such things. Only the members (XO, MO, …) assigned with these duties can do it. If someone asks us about things that are not our duty we direct him to the proper member.

4. Be in reach

As we’re from all over the world there are only few ways to stay in touch. Most important one of these is ICQ. (!! – well, this aged well!) We all have our own UIN and everyone is on each others contact list to check if he’s online. ICQ should be active while you are online. ICQ is the best way to get in touch with us. Our UINs can be found in the Roster.

Officers Circle (Council)

All Officers (XO’s and MO’s), and the CO make up the officers circle. Veterans may also be asked for their views and allowed to vote on specific issues.