Member Page – Maus

Motto – If bullets won’t do the trick, my cheesebombs will!

Flag of the Netherlands Player Type – Sniper – I’m a sniper – but I hate snipers, I search for them, hunt them and kill them. Thats the way to do it.

TZW Tunnels Awarded for participation in the Timezone-Warriors Tunnels Tourney 2002TTT Tourney
Defence Meritorious Awarded for superior defence of the zone against SLS, May 2004Defence Meritorious
Combat ActionReceived for successful participation in combat actions. (DF2)Combat Action Medal
Good Conduct MedalAwarded for upholding the reputation of the squad in battle and in other arenasGood Conduct Medal
ParachutistAwarded for completing Jump School.
Scuba DiverAwarded for completing basic underwater skills
Infantry ExpertAwarded on completion of basic battle skills

TTT TourneyTimezone Warriors Tunnels Tourney
BHD CampaignBlack Hawk Down Campaign
Clanbase CampaignClanbase Campaign